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Meet Toolbox – your solution for seamless store management!

⚡ What is Toolbox?

Toolbox is not just an app; it's your partner in elevating your Shopify game. Here's a sneak peek into what it offers:

Simplified Store Management:

Enhance reporting and make informed decisions.

Enable bulk editing for efficient updates.

Receive instant notifications for crucial events.

Smart Notifications:

Stay ahead with alerts for unfavorable price changes.

Get notified about negative margins and "compare at prices" mismatches.

Custom Collection Mastery:

Automate custom collection tracking.

Streamline management with powerful mass editing features.

SEO Boost:

Improve SEO by effortlessly tracking missing images on products.

Fill missing image texts with meaningful info in a few simple clicks.

Revert mistakes:

Do not be afraid to mass edit your products by the hundreds.

You can revert and roll back any change as fast and simple as you applied them.


Take a look at these features which helo our customers to start online business and take it to the next level:

Mass price adjustments

Solving daily product price adjustments with a few simple clicks.

SEO Fix image alt texts

Check if you have product images without an alt text and fix it with providing meaningful text to enhance your SEO score.

Download images

Download your product images with their corresponding product names.

🌟 Free Trial / Test Offer!

Unlock the full potential of Toolbox with our 30 day free trial. Enjoy features such as:

Bulk editing of prices, compare at prices, and alt texts for product images.

Reporting of negative margins, low margins, and incorrect compare at prices.

Custom collection tracking with a comprehensive dashboard overview.

Receive unlimited email reports tailored to your settings.

💡 Why Choose Toolbox?

Simple bulk editing with previews and a real time status of applying changes. Works for dropshippers using EPROLO, CJ Dropshipping, Trendsi, Syncee or if you have your own inventory with set prices.

🚀 How to Get Started?

Ready to revolutionize your Shopify management? Start your free trial by simply installing it from the official appstore: https://apps.shopify.com/toolbox